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The club

A strong identity

Novamove was created by three sports-addicts in their will to bring a wind of change in the pole dance domain by offering sessions of thematic classes, a unique progression journey qnd by preventing the injuries specific to this sport. The founders of Novamove are passionate about sport : a thaï boxing lady who has been sharing her passion with her students for three years, a pole dancer lady who is a qualified teacher in rhythmic gymnastics en a pole dancer who practice self-defense arts.

The classes

9 Gradual levels

Novamove organizes pole dance classes with different gradual levels. The classes take place in a cheerful, energetic and nevertheless hard-working atmosphere.

the pole dance room

two steps away from the ulb

The pole dance classes organized by Novamove take place in the beautiful dance room located in the Isodyn Center, 110A Av. Adolphe Buyl, 1050 Brussels. The dance room is located two steps away from the ULB and the Jeanne stop, via STIB bus 71 and STIB trams 25 and 94.

The pole dance room is furnished with frontal and side mirrors, chrome X-Poles, mats and changing room.


Pole Dancing is our passion!

Join us to practice this discipline as athletic as artistic.